God slayer - D&D 3.5

Outer gods and Rivalries

Arriving in Fishers Hook, Doux Von Magnus, & Neerin Ogreslayer led by Vashan Blacksteel, spot and peruse a trio of men who had recently seen a fight, one of them wielding the legendary pirate blade Whisker. after almost coming to blows with Belthar, Varok Darkeyes, and Zhul the two parties agree to spend the night recovering from their fights and their travels. the next morning everyone is woken up by Zhul’s cries of anger and frustration. finding out that Varok had stolen the pearl from Zhul. after briefly discussing the event without revealing too much to the new arrivals in the town, Zhul, Belthar, and Magnus felt an incredible disturbance across the straights and prioritized this above recovering the pearl and headed across the sea. after spending some time traveling they finally arrive in the small town of silverton. finding many people in the town to hold vacant expressions as they went about their common routine. heading to deal with the towns local ogre problem. after Neerin quickly dealt with log brag they pressed further into his cave. they found that the creatures of the cave had changed, the unnatural feeling of all of it was clearly the influence of the outer gods. advancing deeper into the caves they found even the kobolts where changed, influenced by the outer gods. finding a cage full of dire rats and the body of a paladin inside Belthar cast a quick spell and made his way in to retrieve the body, only to have it dissapear. carrying on deeper into the caves they fought illusion, insanity and yet more kobolts they finally find themselves face to face with a pair of derro who claimed to own the very caves that the party stood in. after a quick bladed negotiation between the derro and Neerin they quickly boarded the raft and made their way down the river…



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