God slayer - D&D 3.5

Sibling Rivalry

Arriving in the town of Akkad the party Received two letters from two siblings Dennel Batharda and Larrissa Batharda to track down their father’s will and give it to one of them them. the party traveled to the crumbling manor home of Feodol Batharda in search of his will. after overcoming his pets through Guile, skill, and force, Zhul,Belthar, & varok-darkeyes retrieved old Feodol’s will and a not asking any finders to deliver the will to the local druid sect. they attempted to leave the basement. the found themselves accosted by a mage and a hobgoblin, lackeys of Dennel & Larissa. unable to leave the party was forced to kill the men who stood in their way. the party agreed to take the will to the druids and made some powerful friends and some powerful enemies that day.



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