God slayer - D&D 3.5

snakes, dust, and beatles

Arriving at the Abandoned lifeless city of Ur, our heroes find their way blocked by a golden door. while trying to figure out how to open it they are assaulted by the temple’s guardian, a massive bull. after a difficult battle the party retreats into the structure after Nebu, their Faithful guide opens the door. as the party examines the room hey found themselves in, they come under assault from a dust storm. hearing Nebu’s cries of terror Content Not Found: varok-darkeyes is able to barely make out the site of Nebu being dragged off by a dust covered man. taking a moment to recover from the sudden attack the party advances deeper into the abandoned city. coming into a torture chamber the party hesitated only a moment before entering, inside Zhul was set on by an animated iron maiden. after a brief struggle with the sinister device Darok is able to toss it into the depths below. only having a moment to catch their breath they are attacked again by the dust brother. Belthar thinking quickly withdrew the bridge to avoid conflict with the construct. after only throwing a spear the construct retreats again. exhausted the party rests in what was once a garden in order to regain spells and stamina before continuing. delving deeper the party comes to a massive idol depicting an unknown god. after a brief battle, thanks to the stout blade of Mavado, the party finds their quarry, the Golden Auroch. this was a half hearted victory as the idol was covered in snakes. after a quick examination from Wolf and Belthar they where able to determine what snakes where dangerous and charm them back. Wolf drew the idol out with a rope just as the dust brother formed in the center of the room. Retreating initially Wolf returned after seeing the great bravery of his fellow party members. with Wolf’s help the group was able to keep the dust brother off balance long enough for Belthar to empty his water skin on the construct and enable the party to finish off the dust brother for good. returning to the garden the party rests again to recover after its near death at the dust brothers hand.

not feeling right about leaving without discovering Nebu’s fate, Zhul refused to leave Nebu to an unknown fate. after entering what was at one time a bath house, Nebu’s body is discovered on the floor of the empty tub. after a brief prayer from the party, they pocketed what treasure they could find in the room and sat to discuss their next move. Varok, was able to spot a trap door in the room and followed it down a small tunnel to a pump. noticing Beatles covering the walls he panicked and disturbed them. after a long struggle against the insects the group retreated deeper into the structure.

finding a small room with three chests and a magical trap, Varok agreed to grab them and run, trusting his agility to ensure his survival of whatever sinister trap lay in wait. after triggering a fireball and barely surviving the trap, Varok collapsed to the ground spilling the chests content. while wolf rushed to the gold, Zhul Rushed to his fallen friends side to heal him. after a brief uncomfortable moment among the party over the content of the chests they headed through a secret door found by Balthar’s keen elven senses. beyond the door the party stumbled into a small library which Zhul began looking through while the rest of the party pressed on. while discussing to head down the stairs or open the door at the end of the hallway, Zhul rejoined the party as they decide to open the door.

as they burst into a posh room, the party is welcomed by a withered old un-dead woman who i identified herself at Nicrotis offered them the chance to assist her and open a portal for her. avoiding eye contact the party leaves the room and heads down the stairs. as they decented they wind snuffed out their torches and tore at their skin. at the end of a long hall they found a pair of doors floating int he air. beyond them, Zhul was able to idintify the semi-elemental plane of dust. wind tearing at them the party forced the doors closed as an eagle made of dust burst though. while Wolf and Varok, forced the doors the remainder of the way, Mavado struck down the eagle. knowing they where nearing their tasks completion the party rushed over to battle Nicotis. after a brief and life threatening battle the Party was able to gain the upper hand just as Nicrotis assumed the form of a gas cloud and escaped. leaving the party to ponder what would come of her escape.

the party has since left Ur and is on its way back to Akkad to give the Golden Auroch to the prince of Akkad.



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