Magic Tattoo

Tattoos that hold charges of spells


A magic tattoo can hold one spell of 5th level or less. it can hold arcane or divine spells. its actually the ink that holds the magic, not the tattoo itself so it can be anything. limbs can hold up to 5 spells a torso can hold 9 and a head can hold 1. the cost of buying the ink can be calculated as 200gp/level of spell + 1000gp/Charges per day. caster level is only applied to the spells for the level they are. for example: shocking grasp could only ever deal 1d6 damage. a cure moderate wounds could heal 2d8+2 as it is a second level spell. spells with a range cannot be used in making the ink. the spell must have a range of touch or personal. the magic in the tattoo can be dispelled.

aura depends on spell; CL spells level; craft wondrous item; spell used; price: varries


these tattoos where developed by the monks of the school of the Exalted fist. as many of them had taken their bodies as far as they believed they could, so they further enhanced their bodies with magic. as they spread out into the world knowledge of their tattoos became fairly common and most larger cities.

Magic Tattoo

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